Projects in the “Naughty corner”



I’m back with a progress report on my November projects… most of which are currently sulking in the “Naughty Corner”.

Warning: I discuss the Stephen West MKAL – “The Doodler” at the end of this post.

First up: My Reston Station Socks (pattern by Helena Callum.  Yarn: Dream in Color Everlasting Sock; Amethyst).  These are progressing well, I’ve just finished the gusset stitches and will probably do most of the foot on my journeys to and from work this week (predicting a finish next weekend!) This has a toe (ha!) in the naughty corner because I think my gauge has changed between the two socks.  Sock two seems looser.

image of sock progress

Reston Station Socks in progress

Next up, my Candy Dish Cowl (pattern by the Plucky knitter; yarn The Plucky Knitter Bello: Rye).  This one is on it’s way out of the naughty corner.  I picked it up this morning to work on and discovered about 10 rows back, I had dropped a stitch – Drat!!

After having a small mental breakdown, I pulled it back and it’s ready to go again.

image of cowl in process

Beginnings of a candy dish cowl…

Lastly, we come to the Stephen West MKAL – The Doodler.  I’ve got one wedge to go on this clue and I’ve only got 14g of yarn left (I’ll probably need at least 20g).  Still not completely sold on this yarn but I did see other knitters were running out of yarn and so placed an order for another skein earlier this week.  This one gets to stay in the naughty corner till the new yarn arrives (so I can alternate the skeins on the last wedge).  I’ve seen the next clue and I’m excited to work it when I finally get the chance…

image of mystery shawl

The Doodler, Clue one in progress.

Whilst I’m not sold on my yarn choice, I am really enjoying the knitting on this piece.

Yarn is Hedgehog Fibers Sock: Genie; and The Plucky Knitter primo fingering: Magnet and Steel.


Reading: Polish your Poise with Madam Chic/Jennifer Scott (turns out I have more poise than I thought; not much more, but more).

Wishing I was knitting: One of the socks from the Knitter’s Curiosity Cabinet series of books (I have them all out from the library at the moment and they are awesome!)

Feeling: hot and bothered. It was 39c here yesterday. Not ready for summer yet (as if I’m ever ready).

Genie’s out of the bottle.


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Warning: spoiler image for the Stephen West MKAL ahead.

On Monday Morning I was notified that a parcel had arrived in my parcel locker in the city.  I excitedly trotted across the city during my lunch break, grabbed my parcel and returned to work.  When I opened the package I was aghast.  The Hedgehog Handfibers yarn i had ordered (Genie) was not at all what I had envisioned – there was too much peachy pink in my skein.  I don’t hate pink – I love fuchsia pink but this pink just isn’t my favourite – I’m not peachy keen ;)

As I had ordered it for the Stephen West Mystery KAL starting on Friday, I just had to make it work (In hindsight, I should have ordered a few skeins at the same time so I had a choice of main skein). I pulled some solid Plucky colours from my stash to go with it. Here’s my potential choices below…

Picture of Yarn choices

Yarn Choice for The Doodler

When the first clue was released on Friday morning, I started knitting with the Genie and the light blue on the left above.  But this had to be unraveled, the blue was just overwhelmed by the Genie – it’s a powerful, colourful yarn.

Saturday, I got up and used the darkest blue as the second colour and have had more success.  When I finished up Saturday night, I had 9 “wedges” completed and I was (honestly) still not in love.  I started my project page on Ravelry, naming the project: “Put the Genie back in the bottle and throw it in the deep blue sea” (might give you some idea of my lack of enthusiasm for the piece).

Image of knitting progress

Progress on Clue 1 of The Doodler

This morning, I got up and picked it up again.  I now have 5 wedges left to go before I complete the clue.  The Genie is starting to charm me at last.  It’s not love yet, but I don’t hate it anymore.

The pattern is fun to knit.  It’s simple and interesting.  I like that at the moment it looks a bit like a butterfly wing.  Not knowing where the pattern will go, right now I think it could be fun in some orange and yellow to look like a sunrise or sunset.

In other knitting, I have cast on my Candy Dish.  The provisional cast on took me an hour to get done — I don’t get along with my crochet hook.  I’m currently 3 lace pattern repeats away from finishing section one.  Progress photos will come soon.

Plucktober success!

At the beginning of October, I sheepishly admitted my too-lofty goals for the Plucktober knit-along hosted by the Plucky Knitter Group on Ravelry.

  1. Knit a cowl : River Deep Mountain High
  2. Knit a pair of mitts : Adrift Mitts
  3. Knit a shawl : Peak Color

Well, I completely surprised myself and met all my goals! With time to throw in a hat if I chose (I didn’t – I decided to rest on my laurels and go see the Martian yesterday afternoon instead: Completely AWESOME).

Here’s my two latest finishes: My Chilli Hot Chocolate Shawl (Peak Color)

Photo of Shawl

Chilli Hot Chocolate Shawl

Unblocked in this image (I had just run out to our back deck to take a few “huzzah it’s finished” photos).  This one is knit in a palate of browns/grey browns with a pop of red.  Most of the browns are from the “box of chocolates” gradient by The Plucky Knitter.

Colours chosen: I actually have a story about this – About a year ago I was sorting my stash – most of the browns in the shawl had just been delivered and I was trying to find a way to fit them in my study.  One of the cats was “assisting” me and managed to push the red onto the pile of browns – inspiration stuck! I had just been waiting for the right pattern to take the colour combo out for a spin – I LOVE the finished object, it’s scrumptious.

image of adrift mitts

The completed Adrift Mitts, superbly modelled by my other half.

I showed you half of the other finished object last time I posted.  I finished the other Adrift Mitt this week on Wednesday afternoon on my bus ride home.  Here’s a snap of my hubby posing with them.

I was weirdly bereft when they were done – I didn’t have a sock in Plucky yarn on the go, so for the last two days of last week my bus rides to and from work were a bit dull. I did have a sock on the go in some rather nice yarn but it was unthinkable to knit without making a contribution to my Plucktober goals.*

What’s next?

Two things I think I’ll start soon are:

Stephen West’s new mystery shawl: The Doodler. I have some Hedgehog Handworks hand dyed sock yarn winging it’s way to me (Colourway: Genie) from Convent and Chapel and I’ll pull some of my Plucky greys to complement it/tone it down.

Another Plucky Knitter Pattern: Candy Dish cowl – using all my Plucktober leftovers.  I kind of like the way the blue-purple fits in with the colours I had in my Peak Colour Shawl… I think it might work.  And the yellow and green from the lemons in the image below may also have to be found and wound… they are curiously lovely in this photograph (but probably too much, someone please talk me off the cliff!).

Leftover yarn image

Plucktober leftovers

* I was strangely driven this month.  I also lost a little weight by being very goal orientated in that aspect of my life (almost completely gave up chocolate – yes, I can’t believe it either).

Plucktober knitting update



The Plucky Knitter group on Ravelry is currently celebrating Plucktober.  I’m joining in because I have more Plucky yarn than anything else in my stash (she has fantastic colour sense and great marketing; I also seem to be able to stay awake for her updates).

My Plucktober knitting goals are fairly ambitious – I’ve been aiming to complete 3 projects.  So far I have managed one (and a half).

Image of Completed Cowl

River Deep, Mountain High Cowl

First up I started October by casting on the River Deep, Mountain High Cowl by Mollygirl yarn. I knit this with Plucky Snug (bulky weight) in a couple of days. It was a nice quick project.
Here’s a derpy selfie of me in the cowl.  I don’t ask Dr K to take finished photos of me with my knitting because he doesn’t really have the patience with my vanity.

image of me in the cowl

Me in the Cowl

Next up, I cast on some Adrift Mitts.

Image of Adrift mitt

Adrift Mitt detail

These are my first ever mitts – so I’m feeling pretty good about my progress (and the completed mitt is just gorgeous).  I’ve finished the right hand mitt and have cast on the second one.  Here’s an image of the progress so far on that one including a view of the overexcited trousers I was wearing yesterday and my backyard deck.

image of next mitt cast on

Cast on the next mitt straight away… (no second mitt syndrome here)

And here’s a triumphant photo of the first half finished!  It’s surprisingly difficult to take a photo of your own hand/arm.

image of completed mitt

Adrift Mitt – right hand side complete.

Lastly, I’m sharing a quick photo I took today in my knitting nest (I have to admit I was really enjoying looking down at my shoes past the knitting). This is the project I suspect I won’t manage to complete this month – Peak Color (another design by The Plucky Knitter). I’m knitting this one with a brown gradient set I bought last year sometime (I’m guessing this by the old logo on the skein labels) and using a skein of red (not that un-similar to the shoes) for the horizontal hole-y rows between the stitch patterns)

Image of my knitting project today

Knitting today in my study

I completed the “patchwork” pattern you can see in the image above today, added in another row of red holes and started in with the next lightest brown. This project seems to need full concentration – which I am finding more and more difficult to give at the end of long days. Well, there are still 12 days left in October – we’ll see if I achieve my lofty goals!


image of trainwreck cake


At work today we are having a cake decorating contest – here’s my less than fabulous (and really quite expensive) entry – “Trainwreck”.

I was joking to Dr K. on the bus this morning that my employer is trying to expose other marketable skills in our workforce.  Still, it turns out that cake decorating will not be my golden ticket out of librarianship (perhaps that is for the best.)

Knitting wise, it’s all about The Plucky Knitter yarn this month – it’s Plucktober – more on that in another post soon.


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