I listen to lots of Audiobooks as I can usually work whilst they are on. Just before Christmas I bought a subscription to Audible.com because they had heaps of Elizabeth Peters and Terry Pratchett books to download and weren’t too expensive. I also didn’t want to load up the library I work for with the books I want to listen to; it would not be a balanced collection! BUT I’m not happy with Audible – they have no longer got the Terry Pratchett’s available to Aussies and half the Elizabeth Peters seem to have disappeared! This is because they are not able to buy the licence to distribute the files to international customers, which they politely explained in an email to me when I realised what was happening and complained. Fair enough… anyone know of alternative suppliers who can? We don’t have the iTunes store either, argh! I’ll have to look at what Telstra Bigpond has to offer – I think it is just music at the moment.