Hello, its been a while. I’ve been on holidays and that is the only excuse I have! I went to weight watchers last week and the good news is I’ve dropped another 400g (I ate out 3 times last week). I am now 100g away from my 10% goal yay!
I turned 31 on the 23rd of March and my husband bought me a digital camera (WOW!! he’s so generous). So far I’ve taken pictures of my dog Max and a little film of my cat, Felix using his catflap. Joel(Hubby) took me out to Savini Cafe in Mount Lawley for tea and I had a calzone yum, yum!
Reading wise I read two books by Carolyn Hart in the Death on Demand series which were excellent and a book by Marion Chesney called A Hasty Death which I also enjoyed immensely. I’ve just started reading Dr Phil’s Ultimate Weight solution, it has been recommended by countless weight watchers out there, so far it has been good reading but I can see this one is one I am going to have to force feed myself!
I’ve been cross-stitching too, I am working on “The Road to Bethlehem” by Shepherd’s bush and that is stitching up well, will probably finish it over the next two days.