On Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Library I work in, we have storytime for preschoolers. Typical sessions last around half and hour and involve me reading 3 stories, performing several rhymes then demonstrating a simple craft which the children then have a go at. Today we had 16 children attend storytime, which is about average. I read 3 books on Manners and Tidiness, so the stories were a hit with our parents. The books were: Please say please! : Penguin’s guide to manners. by Margery Cuyler, Mess monsters by Piers Harper and Oops, sorry! : a first book of manners by Richard Morgan. The rhymes we sang were; open shut them, followed by the wheels on the bus and fingers like to wiggle waggle. Most of these can be sourced on the web (I believe that’s where I got my words from!)
The activity was a simple I’m happy/I’m sad face mask: constructed from a paperplate, a popstick and some wool. It was a good craft – the parents know what to do with it straight away and there were many successful participants.

I have had two weeks away from work; reading crossstitching, seeing my family and generally having a good time, so I was a little trepidous about the return to work and the drudge of Storytime (one of the least favourite activities at the moment – my parents and children who attend tend to take it all for granted, I feel!) This session was really good both Tuesday and Wednesday and restored my faith in my programming. Maybe I’m not so burned out!