Two junior fiction books this week. I’ve just finished “Will Buster and the Gelmet Helmet” by Odo Hirsch. This was a fun read! Will Buster is selected to attend the exclusive Gelmet Acadamy where he’ll learn to be a leader by a new revolutionary method and no study will be neccessary. Will and his classmates learn by having a helmet popped on their head, at the end of the “helmeting” session no one can remember what they’ve learned, but they soon demonstrate their new knowledge as circumstances change around them. I really enjoyed this story – there was lots of humour and the mysterious Professor Gelmet was a very interesting and satisfying villian.

“Freelance and the Field of Blood” was another great read. My husband picked it up because of the cover and once he looked inside he loved the line drawn illustrations. I can report that the story while short, is interesting and keeps you involved. The team behind this book (Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell) have written more factual fiction before (The Pirate and Castle Diaries-Brilliant!) and I wonder if it would have been appropriate to have a historical note to point out the fact from the fiction. Otherwise a terriffic read that I will be recommending to the children who visit my library.