I seem to be renewing all my goals at the moment.
Thinking Weight-loss for a moment… I had a fabulous Easter and ate most of the eggs given to me, snacked terribly and eaten out loads with our family, so I think I’ve gained on the whole around 0.5kg. I’ve been feeling miserable about this over the last week, but I have just come to the realisation that this is just a set back and I can recover and keep heading towards my goal – I know this is obvious to some, but with the black clouds of dispair and the chip packets piling up all around, one’s perspective gets a bit screwed. I’ll go to my meeting tomorrow face the music and get back on the wagon.

For work – I’ve been wanting to reach out to our teen readers for a while, which is why I went to Cosmonautical (see earlier entries). Later this month I’m running a pizza and book frenzy at the library in the evening for our teens – we’ll see how it goes.

I got a letter of rejection for the job I went for at another council yesterday. I had pretty much written off my chances of getting the job, judging by my interview – which I thought was awful!!! This is another little setback in my professional journey – I’m going to have to work on my interview skills… I get so nervous, I talk them to death! I don’t sound focused or professional. It’s a good thing I’m loving my current job at the moment!!!