Had a good day at work today.

Storytime went well; the stories were about sheep. I told Sheep in a shop (Nancy Shaw), But where is the Green sheep (Mem Fox) and Where’s Wooly (Usborne books). Funnily enough, the story I thought would be best accepted (where’s whooly – it had flaps!!) was the worst – the kids just would not sit still but then settled down for the other stories quite well. The craft was a sweet sheep on a stick (no, not a kebab) the children cut out a sheep shape that I had photocopied onto card, then attached a straw to the back and covered the front with cotton wool balls. Another craft that everyone understood and seemed to enjoy.

We had a short meeting about the libraries strategic plan this morning but thankfully I got a phone call in the middle and didn’t have to express my overly cynical views about the whole process.

The call was from the council’s internal auditor (horrors, what have I done wrong!?! – apparently nothing… yet). I have been randomly selected to participate in the councils workshops into the Australian Business Excellence Framework – what luck! What I find particularly tragic is that I had to write a job application (managed to get an interview but didn’t get the job) recently and one of the critera was a developing knowledge of the Australian Business Excellence Framework. I couldn’t find anything in the library describing this obviously excellent and worthy programme (cynicism alert), and ended up finding it on the web, I managed to write a paragraph about it and got the interview, then went to pieces!!

Big news! The Australian Children’s Book Council announced their shortlist for the Children’s book of the year today. You can find the shortlist at http://www.cbc.org.au I haven’t had a chance to look at most of the books, some I had not heard of (this is not unusal).

All this before 12 noon! The afternoon was uneventful in comparison. I filed my petty cash claim, prepared for Bookstars (junior bookclub held at the library) did a desk roster and answered many emails.