This week I gained 200g! It’s OK, I was expecting a gain. I’m ready to get serious about it again. I’m going to track my eating this week and next week… and so on. Tracking is very important for me as I do get that diet amnesia we’ve all heard of. I’m going to make myself a nice new tracking sheet to work on – and I have some good ideas for rewards as I go along. I’ve joined the paper and stamping club at a local craft shop and I thought for every 500g off I’ll stick $5.00 in the kitty, then go spend it when I lose 5kg. I also want a new printer to print out photos so that’s another thing I can use as a reward, and of course I’m dieing to get a new iPod mini (6 gig) to put all my audiobooks on to listen to in the car. These are things I can do when I reach significant goals. I know its going to get more difficult as time passes, so I need to have things to look forward to.