I’ve just updated the spreadsheet on my laptop (computer, that is) showing my weight-loss. Looking over it, I’ve just realised that I’m nearly at my halfway mark – to my initial goal weight. Right now I’m aiming for 69kg – the top end of my Healthy Weight range as determined by Weight Watchers, but I’ll re-assess when I get there.

So my current goal is to get to half way – I’ve got 1.5kg to go… not far at all!

I’ve given myself three weeks to get there – my reward will be a pie from Miami Pie Bakery near Mandurah – Joel and I will be going to Mandurah for a weekend away to celebrate our Wedding anniversary in a months time.

Miami Bakery Pies… these pies were one of the highlights of our honeymoon. We had lunch there and bought a family size quiche on the way down to Margaret River, where we stayed for a week. On the way back to Perth, Joel and I stopped there again, had lunch and bought a steak pie to eat during the week when we moved Joel into my home.

I know that rewarding myself with a food stuff is frowned upon, but these pies are delicious and the journey to get them and the weekend away are also part of the reward.