Today was my day off. I’ve got one last week to go in my real job before I go off on secondment to be Young People’s Services Librarian (my “spare supervisor’s” job). I get to drive a work car with free petrol and get a small increase in salary for 7 weeks. Of course I have a short week next week with the Anzac day holiday and in the three days I have left in my position I need to organise my office and work flow so that the girl doing my job (my branch’s adult services librarian) is not overwelmed by my job.

It’s kind of weird having my job – having my actual boss in the library and my spare supervisor also driving me along – often in two seperate directions. It doesn’t bother most of the time but every so often I just wish I could shut the door and just get on with my job (as I see it!)

I’ve had a good day, did 5 loads of washing (a herculean effort) and had lunch with my sister, Lucy. After lunch we went to visit our good friend Dee-arna. She’s such good fun to talk to. Deeza (as she is known to us) had some great advice to Lucy for her future motherhood:

“I’ve got three things to say to you, Lucy; Scotchguard, Panadine and Nurofen”