When I arrived at work today, it was with as Blur* would put it “with an enormous sense of Well-being”. I couldn’t wait to tell everyone what a great weekend I’d had. Recap: went to a wedding (Sarah – uni friend/another freak libarian), beauty appointment, Tranby house for lunch, afternoon tea with Joel’s Mum and Dad, visit to Zoo … a weekend packed with joyous events!

* I refer to the band Blur’s song “Parklife” for the uninitiated

You will understand then, that when story-time rolled round and there were 3 children waiting (I usually have around 20) I had a bit of a downer moment!!! Not that I let it ruin my day, but as I’m used to being ignored by much bigger crowds I was (and am) a little concerned – could last weeks storytime been that disastrous? It’s a good thing I won’t be there next week!

I had a meeting with Vanessa, who’s been acting in the job I will be doing for the next seven weeks. She gave me a rundown of the projects in hand and showed me the canteen (we had lunch together). The canteen is good!

I’ll just share the strangest reader enquiry I had last week – “where are the hobbies?” (An innocent enough question.)
When asked to clarify what interested the reader as per the reference interview (- a hobby could be just about anything after all: computers are found in dewey at 004-006, crafts 745, cooking 641, travel early 900s etc), she got all huffy with me and when I made some suggestions, jumped at them all – so I gave her a quick tour of the library pointing out areas of interest, hoping that we might hit on what she actually wanted.
I finished my desk roster after that one and didn’t see if she borrowed anything… I think her interest was in the craft area.

(One of the hardest things for me is coming up with titles for entries – now I understand why one of the other bloggers I like to read titles her “nothing” posts with Hello and the date.)