Didn’t suck! It rained heavily in Perth last night so the drive into work was a little on the harrowing side – the Freeway was a little slow and I gripped the steering wheel extra tight at some points but I made it there. I was driving the work car which is automatic (thankfully! I could use the part of my brain that works the gears, to remember that the indicators were on the other side of the wheel).

I had to leave pretty much as soon as I got there to give a talk on “the importance of reading to your baby” which I was able to pepper with anecodotes from my childhood. When I got back to Library Administration it was lunchtime!

After lunch I read an intersting article on journalism and blogging that Joel had forwarded to me.

Then I got to work on some invoices, answered the questions that had come in my inbox whilst I was absent and suddenly it was time to go home!