I can’t believe it’s half past seven and I’m already ready for bed. That’s living on the edge – Cathystyle.

I borrowed “Jamie’s dinners” from the library today – looks good so far, I had a drool over it whilst I ate my lunch. Outstanding recipe so far: Roast Chicken – he suggests putting a lemon in with the potatoes as you par boil them, then puncturing the lemon and inserting it in the chickens cavity – apparently the chicken cooks quicker and there is a delicate flavouring of lemon in the chicken and potato.

I arranged my long service leave today. I’ll be off work from the 12th September till 16th January 2006. Hurray! Joel and I will be going to Tasmania for a little holiday and the rest of our plans are still on the drawing board. Lucy will have had her baby by then and she has proposed a getaway to their place in Bridgetown. I could always go to Adelaide if I can get a cheap fare and visit my Dad. We’ll see how things shape up.

Dad will be visiting Perth soon – I’m looking forward to it!