Today I went to another library branch to supervise a programme called “Finding my place”. This programme is about getting “at risk” youth into another environment and workshopping ways to keep them at school, or prepare them for the hard world that is out there for anyone who leaves school early with out any specific goals.

I think today’s session with writer Mark Greenwood went well. Mark had brought his drum kit along and was trying to encourage the kids to give it a go – you know find your passion and follow your dreams style (which is a legitimate path these days). Not one of the kids would have a go – I couldn’t believe it – I would be up there in a shot if I had been invited. All my life anytime I was near drums I was ordered not to touch etc. Here was Mark with the sticks showing the kids what to do and they were all frightened of looking like idiots and were embarressed. Oh well, they’ll regret thier mispent youth!

Later on I went to lunch with 2 of my girlfriend from work. I had a lovely bowl of gnocci. It was my friend Donna’s birthday treat – happy birthday Donna!

Then I went back to work and had a short meeting with the City Librarian regarding our marketing strategy (strategy?) which was fun, we are off to do some field work to see another library system tomorrow – time away from the office – yay!!

Got home and Joel and I had Subway rolls and now I am totally ready to go to bed (I’m tired, really!) But we have to pack up our things to go to Mount Barker to visit the In-laws this weekend. So it will be another couple of hours before I hit the mattress.