On Friday after work, Joel and I drove for 4 hours to Mount Barker, home of Joel’s Mum and Dad. We stopped twice on the way – for dinner at KFC and to swap driving duties at Kojonup. When we arrived, Joel’s Mum made us a cup of tea and sent us to bed (It was 10.30pm).

In the morning we all had breakfast together on their new deck. It was bacon and eggs with toast and preserved peaches, greek yogurt with a drizzle of maple syrup. Here is a picture of their dog, Jock sitting on the deck.
Then Joel and I helped his Mum in the garden, I weeded around the banksia’s getting the area ready for spraying with weed killer. Joel dug around the posts of a garden structure – which I think was a screen once but is now just a frame. It was definately stuck in the ground. Jock likes to eat shoe laces, gardening gloves and was great fun but we ended up shutting him in the back garden – no work was getting done!

Joel went inside and sat with his Dad. They read and had a nap, whilst Joel’s Mum and I planted bulbs in the garden beds. We all went inside and had a rest then suddenly it was dinner time! Lamb roast – delicious.

Sunday was Mother’s Day – Joel’s sister rang and gave her good wishes to their Mum, we made our own breakfasts, mooched about for a bit and had lunch together. Another delicious meal… herb muffins (fresh herbs from the garden) with salad (yep, from the garden too) followed by preserved peaches, greek yogurt with a small drizzling of maple syrup. This is fast becoming my favourite desert!

Joel and I packed up our things, said goodbye and went to visit Joel’s Grandma before departing for Perth. We were both pretty tired on the way back, so had to swap a couple of times and stop for a coke to keep going.

I love going to visit Joel’s Mum and Dad, I wish we could have stayed longer. Damn Work!!!

View of their front gate.