Ok – my secondment to Library Admin is draining me of energy. Seems to me that most nights I get home from work, watch Dr Who (can’t miss television) and pretty much fall asleep at around 8pm. Also I seem to have absolutely no time for the housewifely duties… the washing is not getting done and the house is a mess (not that I’m complaining, really). And horror of horrors, I nearly forgot to ring my beautiful sister yesterday to wish her a happy 28th Birthday. Thankfully I remembered before I excaped from work. I don’t know when I’ll see her to congratulate her (or for that matter get a present) but at least she knows I remembered.
I’ve not had the energy to post what’s been happening at home or at work – and life has not been that boring of late. Dad made a flying visit from Adelaide, we had a fabulous dinner at D’tandoor in Leederville, I baked for a baby shower and attended it (fabulous dahling) and we had a family dinner together Sunday night.
On Monday I bossed the Assistant Librarians around at a meeting in the morning and in the afternoon helped my real boss interview for a vacant temporary position on our library’s staff.
And yesterday – well it was Maisy Day and it was great. The rest of my Maisy photos are now residing on Flickr – go on have a look! (tell me what you think too!)