Don and Catriona
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Here is a picture of my father in law, Don Kelso. It’s been one year since his son, Joel and I got married today. I’m thinking about Don today though because he has been very ill this year. In this photo he has just finished a round of Chemotherapy from his first bout of Bowel Cancer (2003), later in December 2004 it will be discovered that the cancer is still present and Don will have major surgery again.
This operation has been successful, but now Don is in hospital again. He has had an infection (virus?) and his spinal cord became inflamed. We don’t really know what to expect except there is a very great chance Don will never walk again, or even be able to hold a book – something he enjoys greatly.
I just want to remember Don today. I don’t feel that I’ve got to know him well enough over the years I’ve known the family (at least eleven now) and I don’t want to miss any opportunity to know him now.