Did some more work on my cross stitch tonight — I’m loving working on this and have started forming a short list of designs I’d like to stitch when I finish her:
* Titania Queen of the fairies
* Midsummers night fairy (known as Middy)
* Cottage garden fairy
* Woodland fairy
* Shimmering mermaid
* Enchanted mermaid
I’m having a lot of difficulty narrowing it down.

I’ve joined a couple flickr groups in the last couple of days: “libraries and librarians”, “Unusual” and “Greatest”. The groups are a fun way to share your photos with other flickr users. There are already some really interesting photos in the group pools.

For work today I went to a meeting at Westfield Public Library. They were showing off their new Family Literacy centre. I took some pictures to help me remember what they did with their grant money. Was pretty interesting, they’ve bought games, puzzles, puppets, posters, a computer and bookstock and some new signage.

Well off to bed for me now.