Rose Arbour Progress Picture 1
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Things are going well. I went to work today and managed to have a good time. Only two things didn’t work – one of the dedicated internet terminals just wasn’t playing ball and the money slot on the machine set aside for email was jammed up. On the whole it all went very smoothly.

Cross-stitch-wise, you can see I’ve acheived quite a bit. Isn’t she lovely! I had to unpick twice around her bustle area as I missed a row and couldn’t pick were the mistake was.

We went to see Don Kelso last night and he was looking better since I last saw him a week ago. He can lift his right arm and we are all very pleased to see that. We had a family afternoon tea yesterday and talked about what has happened and what support we can offer at the moment – not a whole lot. While we were praying I was holding Sam, my nephew (by marriage) he is about 7 months old. Well, Sam grabbed my hair and tried to stand up, OUCH! It was very hard not to giggle or cry out during such a serious moment – then, of course he did a loud fart too so all chance of decorum was lost. He is such a gorgeous baby we all forgave him his lapse of control.

I’ve got a few books to read right now… Elizabeth Peters newie – The Serpent On The Crown, The Excursion Train by Edward Marston, The Witch Well by Sharan Newman and Clarice Bean Spells Trouble by Lauren Child. Thankfully the first one is due back on June 20 so I have plenty of time to get through them and work through my cross stitch bug, which has bitten really strong!