Laura has started a weekly book meme. I want to participate in this so I’ll have to try to remember to go look, or buy an RSS reader that can handle atom feeds which is bloggers feed method. Duh! now I see she will email them (Thank god for that!!!)

So, on to this weeks questions…

Do you buy the books you read, or do you borrow them from the library or from friends or from somewhere else?
I do a bit of all of the above. I’m a librarian in a public library so most of my books do come that way. With the Elizabeth Peters books I like to read, I often buy them because (living in Australia) they are not so quickly released here. I’ve been buying them off, then I lend them to my sister in law and mother in law. They are my informal bookgroup, we recommend books and lend to each other. When Dad is visiting I end up frequenting alot of second hand bookstores – that’s just something we like to do together.

Do you prefer new or used books?
I prefer new ones… I jump the queues at work to get at them sometimes (library users must suspect this), of course most of the time I don’t have too, I’m the only one who know’s they are there!!! When HP 6 comes out, I’ll just go buy one for me and my husband and then donate one back to the library, this way I get to read it first and make a small donation to the stock. I read lots of kids books (I do the children’s services) and after a while, maybe around six months… they do get a bit yuckky. BUT there is something to be said for those wonderful old books that you just “know” there is some history to them.

If you buy them, do you keep them?
Oh yes, we keep them alright… Joel brought 6 bookcases with him when he moved in, to go with my six!

If you don’t keep them, how long do you hold on to them before letting them go? What do you do with them?
Those that I “weed” out (library expression) are donated to the library I work for. We sell books that are not suitable to the collection in order to buy books that are. I hold on to books as long as I can, and would only get rid of them because of space restrictions – there is no more room for book cases in my two bedroom house!