Well, I left work early today with a massive headache. Managed to get home safely took more neurophen and went to bed for 3 hours. Feeling marginally better now.
I just logged in to the Mirabilia board and left them a terribly personal message (eep!). I have been working on Rose Arbour for around 3 weeks now and they have been encouraging me so much. I wanted to say thankyou for the encouragement and as I was composing the message I had a flash as too why I’ve not been as stitchy as I was 6 years ago. Mum died and my creative life kind of stopped. I think the board has kind of taken on the roles she used to play in my life – encourager, enabler and friend. I really appreciate that. I was starting to wonder when I’d start being the person I was 6 years ago again – I liked her.
I think it’s funny that I had a moment of clarity on the ‘net. It’s kind of the last place I’d imagine it happening.