Time to answer the weekly book meme “Booking through Thursday”

1. Do you prefer to read hard cover or paperback books?

2. Why?
I think I prefer Hardcover because they will mostly lie open nicely while I eat my cereal. Unless it is a huge dictionary style book and then they wouldn’t – I don’t tend to read “weighty tomes” for that reason

3. Do you read books in the other format anyway?
Yes, sometimes I don’t have the choice – we don’t get hardcover for all titles here in Australian Bookshops only for really popular authors like, say Wilbur Smith or Sydney Sheldon (both of whom I have never read). Janet Evanovitch is not available in hardback and you need to place a special order for most of my favourites or buy online to get the Hardcover. Enough whinging! We try to buy hardcover for the library I work in to extend the book’s shelf life – it’s a fact of life that pbks just don’t take a lot of reading before they fall apart.