I think the title to this post pretty much says it all! I watched Dr Who and then the Bill last week and have just repeated the process. I’m contemplating watching the Bill again on Tuesday. It’s just so exciting at the moment – when will Gabriel get found out? Who has the DC’s daughter? etc.

Joel’s away for the weekend. It’s just me, Max and Felix, the way it was just over a year ago before Joel and I got married. It’s weird, now Joel’s gone, I’ve had time to do the washing, have made a meal and managed a bit of a tidy round. When he’s home I’m a slob! A case for more weekends apart – noooooo! I’m missing him alot.

I’ve not picked up any stitching since Tuesday. I’m in a bit of a funk. Tongue firmly in cheek when I say at least it’s a tidy funk!