Osborne Public Library Desk
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I have been on secondment to the Main Administration building now for 7 weeks. My staff all gathered around me and were so lovely (I’ve missed them all very much – they are like family to me). I’ve been at Osborne Public Library for nearly 5 years and have been working for the same organisation for 10 years.

I’ve had a tough couple of days at work, busy and stressful – it can be tough being a librarian sometimes!! Today when I felt a bit overwhelmed by the tasks ahead and one of the librarians under me snapped at me on the phone. I had to stop, go to the loo and have a bit of a cry – suddenly I felt so much better – I’m starting to understand at last that you shouldn’t bottle up feelings. Of course it would probably be good to let the people who are making me feel bad know that I’m not coping with the bad vibes, but one step at a time, eh?

After all that, the reason I was at work was, my weight watchers meeting which is handily held in the same building the library is housed in. By some sort of miricle (and it could only be a miricle this week) I lost 500g!! hurrah!! I say miricle be cause I’ve not deprived myself of chocolate or hot chips at the canteen. I am soo looking forward to returning to Osborne Library where there is no canteen and a subway around the corner, so there’s a walk every day (and I’ll know the points values of my lunches once again!)

(I took this photo 2/3 weeks ago, last time I got a visit in)