I get to be a judge for Nestle Write Around Australia. A writing competition for year 6 and 7 students.

I’m a judge in the (I think) East Metropolitan Perth Region, which is being co-ordinated by my friend and past work mate, Francine. I’ve read through my 87 entries and have narrowed out the 15 stories that I like. I’ll have to read them all again to rank them and then I’ll meet up with the other judge to select 10 finalists. This competition is fairly unique in that the kids who are finalists get to have their stories back from the judges and get to “workshop” their stories with a Children’s Author. I think that would be a pretty exciting experience for these young budding authors. After the workshop the kids can re-enter their “edited” original story or their original story and a second round of judging (with different judges) will comence to select the zone winners.

It’s been fun to be involved with this project.