I put aside Rose arbour temporarily yesterday, after a disappointing moment when I realised I there would only be a tiny amount of fabric left at the bottom of the work when I finished the skirt. Instead of putting her aside for ever … which was sorely tempting (there are loads of Miras I want to stitch), I posted a request for suggestions at the Wonderful Mirabillia Bulletin Board and before I went to bed, I had been reassured by some of the members that it was fine to add a little fabric to the bottom (which would sit under the matt) for the framer.
I had been contemplating cutting out a few rows of her skirt to shorten it or Joel had a really drastic suggestion, cutting her out and attaching her to a new piece of fabric (I’m not that skilled – she’d definately go UFO then!).

So, what did I stitch while I waited for replies?
Answer: A cute little ornament designed by Shepherds bush found in the 2004 Just Cross Stitch Ornaments issue. I’m just about done with the stitching and will post a picture tonight or tomorrow morning before I go to work.