What an absolute “wally” I am sometimes. I just let my job dominate my thoughts and feelings for an entire week!
You know how it is, I had a couple of tasks I wasn’t looking forward to completing, then let them fester within me and turn into a giant stress ball! I couldn’t sleep a full night, I had nightmares about the job, my stomach churned, I had a little bump on my head I kept scratching till it bled and I was anxious, anxious, anxious!
Then, today I nearly finished both tasks – what a lot of pressure to put myself under for something that could be accomplished in a day.

Well, one day I’ll learn. At least I hope so!

I was so relieved that the first task (a meeting) went well, I went straight back to work and started on the (for me) harder task – ringing schools and offering them free writing workshops with Western Australian Author, Geoff Havel. I am a little phone phobic.* I am 66% done on that task, yay!!! I’ll probably finish it up tomorrow between my meeting with the other Nestle Write Around Australia judge to select our finalists and my other meeting with the Community Safety Business Unit to discuss their participation in the Library holiday programme in July (they are sending their rangers and their information van out to the libraries for Q&A sessions and photographs with a ranger).

I’m feeling happy and well adjusted and planning a trip to Lush on Saturday to purchase something nice for my bath!

Toodle pip!

* Phone Phobia: trying not to sound like a nut, but I inherited this from my Mum, who used to ask me to ring and make her hair appointments because she didn’t like talking on the phone!!