I must be born under a nasty sign – I started my Storyteller by Teresa Wenzler last night and found that there is only one inch widthways either side of the design (I stitched the outside border edge to check). Checking around the web most people think this would be enough, but for me, I’m kind of used of room to manoeuvre – and I think its great for a framed piece to have some unstitched fabric showing. Feeling at this moment: a tad annoyed! This is all my own fault, of course I’ve known for ages that it’s best to kit up charts myself, rather than save the effort… I know some people love hanging around the shop comparing fabric, thread and charts- its just to dangerous to my bank account!

It’s obvious I need to make a trip to my LNS to get some fabric larger than a postage stamp. GRRR!

I wonder if I could finish Rose Arbour as a Wall Hanging instead… any thoughts?