Well I’ve made some decisions about what to do about my evil kits (see posts below). The fabric for Storyteller is going into my stash for ornaments (just can’t bin it). With my beautiful Rose Arbour, my plan is to not do the entire thing – I’ll finish her as a cameo – do down to the next flounce add the beads and back stitching and have her framed in an oval frame… then give her to my Aunty Ellen – just about the only person in my world who doesn’t know about this debacle!

What is called for next is a controlled visit to Stitcher’s Corner, my LNS. I’ll take cash and put my credit card in the fridge before I go (safest place when I’m feeling stitchy).
My plan is to kit up Rose of Sharon – I’ve got her in my stash, probably have most of the thread in my DMC boxes and only need the beads (assuming there are some on the design I’ve not checked) and fabric.
I will also buy the fabric for Storyteller… I think I’ll give rotation stitching a go – or try the monthly SAL (stitch a long)
I’m also going to see if I can afford to kit up a Bent Creek from my stash – these stitch up really fast. I’ve also got some ornaments kitted up, so I’ll still get a rush from finishing stuff (that rush is soooo good).

My reasoning is – Rose of Sharon is the companion to Rose Arbour – When I finish her I’ll feel like doing Rose Arbour again. I’ve always loved Teresa Wenzler’s designs and have only ever completed the Celtic Cross ornament (which I gave away!!!) so doing storyteller, which appears to be one of her smaller designs (this is of course judging by the size of the fabric in my evil kit!!) I’ll be able to slowly do one of her wonderful dragon designs (I have many of her designs in my stash, but storyteller’s kit has got all the floss – so I may as well do that one).

My little bit of indifferent news this week is I gained 500g – well what can I say? I’ve not really been watching what went in and its been cold and miserable in the morning, so poor old Max (the dog) has not been getting his walkies. I’ve vowed that when I get back to my real job I’ll take the WW more seriously. Time will tell…