I managed to make my controlled visit to the LNS today. It still cost $103! I bought enough fabric for Rose of Sharon and Rose Arbour, fabric for storyteller and the 10 skeins of DMC needed for R.O.S. I rebought the chart for Rose Arbour so I have a clean copy when I’m ready to stitch her again (after R.O.S). I got some new needles, the beads for Rose Arbour and a magazine I had ordered (an issue of Mary Hickmott with a sweet pea bell pull in it). It felt like a hefty haul! I bought all this on my lunch break and didn’t actually get a lunch today… still I was so happy whatever hunger I felt must have been overuled by stash ecstacy.

When I got home this evening I decided where to finish the skirt of Rose Arbour mk1. I have been filling in the confetti stitches that I missed as I was stitching her. I now just have to do the leaves on the rose in her hand, backstitching and beading and my gift for Aunty E will be ready for framing.

I’m happy with how this has worked out in the end.