I’ve decided to start an informal rotation for my sitching for the rest of the year. I guess it will be what I have seen others refer to as a “screaming rotation” – I’ll stitch whatever is screaming to be stitched. I’ve currently got three pieces kitted up:
* Rose of Sharon (just started)
* Millenium by Theresa Wenzler (TW) – a kit from years ago (could be another disaster in the making) I started this and got distracted and have made no progress for ages (I guess you could call it UFO – except I guess the will is still there even if the stitches haven’t gone in to it)
* TW’s Storyteller
My sister is due to have a baby next month and I have a chart ready for stitching up for that happy event.

So, my “goals” are to
– complete the baby sampler by August
– make a good start on my three rotation pieces so that they “scream” to me (at the moment they kind of whisper).
– get some more ornaments done – maybe one a month for the rest of the year.

These are acheivable goals for me, I think – especially as I’m on holidays from September and will have lots of time on my hands (4 months!!!)