I did the blog survey doing the rounds recently and was horrified when it turned out I read 76 blogs a day (I’m kind of glad not everyone updates everyday). One of these blogs, Plush has a lovely piece by Chatelaine on it called Winter’s Eve.

There is a new forum on the Mirabilia Board called wishlists and I’ve been thinking about what I would post there. I’ve come to a time of life (Yeah, I’m so wise at 31!) where I actually don’t want that much and have been selecting things from my stash to stitch, rather than add new stuff to it. My current WIPs: Rose of Sharon, Millenium and Storyteller have all been in my stash for years. I have been only buying materials to support what I’ve pulled out from my stash.

That is all irrelevant when I come to think of my stitcher’s wish list – my first inclination is to ask for the Chatelaine’s Mandala Gardens which are stunning. Nikki (Plush again) has also been doing Chatelaine’s Celtic Quilt and now I want that too. Trying to narrow down what I want to list, meant I had to visit the Chatelaine Designs Bulletin Board.

It was there that I saw what will be my first Chatelaine project – Grape Threadkeeper Book. I immediately paypal-ed Martina. I’m excited about this because this project will also address my sudden need to stitch a “Stitcher’s Neccessaire”… I can blame Ashleigh, Romy and Karen for this as they keep posting beautiful finishes that have been very inspiring.

The other deciding factor was that it starts in Febuary next year – I have some hopes of actually finishing some of my WIP’s before then and of course saving up for the materials!

Other stuff I’d like to put on my wish list – more Mirabilas – Shimmering Mermaid, Emerald Mermaid. Some hand dyed fabric. More Weeks Dye Works and Sampler Threads, Waterlillies etc.

I also visited Dragonfly Dreams today and purchased some more Vintage white 28ct evenweave for my restart on Millenium. So indulgent!