Joel went and picked up our copies (grown ups cover for him, child’s cover for me) whilst I was at work at the library this morning. I was amazed when I got home that he hadn’t had a sneaky read – he’s a very disciplined man. I was also amazed that no-one asked the dread question (does the library have HP6 yet?). Short answer is no we don’t I’ll be getting our copies on Monday and taking them straight to our cataloguing department, our copies should be available for the readers in the queue after Tuesday.

I’ve restarted Millenium by Theresa Wenzler and so far I’m pretty happy with it. I started in the top left corner. I’ll post a pic on Monday – let’s see if I can make a bit more progress before then. It was a good start for me as Joel was reading aloud from HP6 while I stitched. I’m stitching along with Jen (weaslfer) on the TW BB if anyone wishes to join us. I’m trying to pay attention to it one weekend a month at least (third weekend). I’ve also got to pick up Storyteller too… just because.

Rose of Sharon has been largely ignored this week, but she will get attention again once Dad has gone back to Adelaide. He arrives Thursday. In the meantime we are seeing a play on Tuesday with Joel’s Uncle Geoff in it and there is Weight Watchers to look forward to on Wednesday (I look with dread because I have not been behaving myself again).