My boss has got a new job and I now need to get my act together and apply for hers. All the staff have told me they are behind my application and have intimated how disappointed they’ll be if I don’t get it. Urgh, the pressure! I may have to defer my Long Service Leave now, either to train Sandy’s replacement if they don’t come from City of Stirling or find a new person to do my job if I do get it!

I’m also conflicted about getting another Chatelaine project. I love Midi Mystery 1 WIPS I’ve seen so far and I want to do the Medieval Town mandala class too. I’ve got plenty to stitch and absolutely no need to start new projects! I think I need to go and file my tax return and see if there’ll be money to purchase one (or both!!)
Maybe I do need to get that job – just to fund the ongoing addiction.