Ok – I’m suffering in from a deep need to buy something off my wishlist at Dragonfly Dreams (the place where I can buy Chatelaine designs kits in $Aussie dollars). I’ve come up with a solution I think will work for me… As I’m struggling a bit with the whole Weight Watchers thing at the moment I’m going to set myself a new goal – I’ve got to loose another 16kgs officially and motivation is starting to wane. I’m going to reward myself when I loose my next 5kgs with a new Chatelaine from Dragonfly Dreams, probably Midi Mystery I or might be Medieval Town Mandala – depending on how much I’ve got in the bank.
As I’m deeply in love with both pieces I may actually be able to control myself enough to be able to happy dance a weightloss and stash aquisition in maybe a month a half… let’s see if I can manage it.