A recent Question of the week on the Mirabilia Board was “How has your stitching evolved over time?” I didn’t post an answer because I couldn’t honestly say I had evolved. But I was kidding myself. I’ve started stitching a sampler for my new nephew Niall and I hate it. It has 5 colours that are handdyes and I don’t know if it is threads are not showing the colour variation enough or what it is exactly but I’m not enjoying it at all! I forced myself to work on it yesterday afternoon after work and then in the evening I gave myself the treat of finally making a start on Theresa Wenzlers Storyteller (Which was a kit I bought years ago with new fabric I’ve subbed in – not going to fall for that one again). I’ve started with the border first and have made reasonable progress. This piece is supposed to be my focus piece in my rotation so I find it ironic that I’ve just made a start on it.

The reason I think I have evolved is that I actually like “Primitive” designs normally. I love Bent Creek and Lizzie Kate and have stitched both of these designers very happily. But because I’m working on TWs and Mirabilia and soon hopefully on my Chatelaine Shaker basket (should the fabric ever come), the design I’m working for Lucy’s baby is looking kind of one dimensional to me. I’ll finish it. Well, he is my nephew… but right now I can’t say I’m in love with the piece. I’ll post some progress pics later today and you’ll see what I mean