I have recovered the kilo I gained at last weeks weigh in. Joel (that’s DH) reckons I need to weigh myself a few times a week and take an average. I don’t think I behaved any better (or worse) than I have in the past weeks but that has not stopped me having a celebratory martini – cheers!

So to recap my WW goal at present I want to lose 5kg. I’m going to give myself till the end of September to do this. My reward on getting to this goal will be a Chatelaine kit and online group purchase.

On the reward shortlist right now… Egyptian Garden Mandala, Midi I – but I am also partial to the Japanese Garden on Black and Medieval Town Mandala. Not that I actually need another project. I just downloaded the cutest freebie from Stitchy kitty with many thanks to Katrina.