I have been stitching all day on Rose of Sharon. I’m not going to take a progress picture till Monday but here is a link to the last progress photo… I thought today I’d share an ancient finish and a cute photo of Max and Felix my beloved pets.

Firstly here is the ancient finish. As you can see it was made for the Max the dog 7 years ago. I was still living at my Mum’s house and Max had developed an unfortunate habit of drooling on us when he was begging (yes, I was pleased to move out and leave him behind!) I made this towel for my Mum who had complained about the drool and she was pleased as punch. Max was actually her dog at the time. I think I got one of the alphabets from a library book and made up the D myself. The little dog came from a magazine and I think the umbrella is from one of Jo Verso’s books. I stitched his nickname at the time “Drooly Wilson” and my initials and the date (1998) in back stitch.

Here is Max with his little brother, Felix. I adopted Felix on Mother’s Day 3 years ago. My Mother had died 2 years before and I was lonely in my house so I went to the Cat Haven I chose him. That same Mother’s Day I got a call from Mum’s friend who had taken Max, asking if I’d like to take Max as the friend couldn’t stand him any longer (Max was escaping and barking when left alone (causing neighbourhood disquiet!). Turned out this friend would lock Max in the woodshed when he went out so I have a bit of sympathy with Max’s bad behaviour – he has been almost a model pet since I have taken him on. Felix was a little annoyed to have to share a house with a dog, but has since decided that Max is his best friend much to Max’s annoyance at bedtime. Max has to share his basket!