I was looking over my freebie files this morning whilst I was eating breakfast and came across some of the freebie scissor fobs from The Drawn Thread that I printed ages ago. I was reading the finishing instructions and Cynthia recommends that the fobs be filled with rice (yes rice!!) I had not seen any other fob designs suggest this but I now understand why this might be so – to add weight! With a counterweight on the scissors it is harder to make a slip when cutting (hardanger? withdrawn thread work – is there a name for that?) There was a recent discussion on the Mirabilia board about it and till then I had no idea that was the purpose of a scissor fob – I had thought they just made them easier to find if you dropped them – or, in my case sat on them (points down obviously – otherwise I’d know where to look!)

Still working on the dread application.

Oh, and also – I lost 500g at WW this last week – 4.5kg to go before I can buy my next Chatelaine kit. Happy Dancing!