I just checked the mailbox and there are two packages waiting for me at the post office. Wonder what they are? I placed a few online orders over the weekend. Yesterday I came home to Dragon heart from Black Swan in the Letter box to satisfy my need for beautiful dragons (all I can say about that is it’s a sickness!)
It could be my order from Wyndham needleworks for assorted back issues of SANQ. It could be my Stitchy kitty order from Laural’s Stichery, it could be my dragon dreams stash explosion from Stitching Bits and bobs. It could be the fabric for Strawberry Shaker box …. ooooh roll on 3pm when the packages will be available for collection.

Edit – I’ve got the packages… one was an Amazon.com order I placed for my Dad which he will collect when he visits in September. The other was my Stitchy Kitty Stash! (and one Lizzie Kate)