Today my large-ish order from Stitching bits and bobs (they had a 25% sale) arrived, safe and sound (just a little damp but not disasterous).

I received TW’s Egyptian Sampler, and a bulk load of Dragon Dreams designs that I have had crushes on forever! These include: Fantasy Wedding Blessing (will stitch for me and Joel – It was a year for us in May), Gemstone Dragons, Runekeeper Saga (I collected the charts but not the story and I want to read it again) and Here be dragons. I also received a Halloween design that I will not be telling you about because I think that is the “one” for my exchange person (they’ve not said what their likes and dislikes are so I’m taking a punt!) Also my fabric for the Strawberry Shaker box arrived and so I can make a start on it at last and stop just playing with the cute little box.

WW news – according to them a 200g loss, according to me a 300g gain (I know the weight person can’t do math and didn’t want to correct her!) This week will be hard for the whole WW thing – It’s Joel’s birthday tomorrow and I want to celebrate with him. Current state of play for the celebrations: we are having dinner on Friday night at the UWA Club (Children’s Book Council Annual Dinner), dinner with the family including Joel’s Dad (that is another saga) and I’d like to do a special meal that is “just us”. Might just have to be museli on Thursday morning together!

Joel’s Dad has had amazing recovery – he will never walk again but he has recovered partial use of his hands and when I visited with him recently was stunned to see him having his dinner and feeding himself. If you had been there at the hospital that fateful night you would be marvelling at the miricle that is Don’s life.

What a long post day it has been – I do try to be less verbose than this!