I’ve received my name in the Hallween Exchange! (It’s a secret). I’m excited – now to select a design for her.

I’m over being annoyed at the Postman – it’s true it could have been one of my neighbours. I sent my order to Dragonfly Dreams for the replacements last night.

I’m kind of conflicted about which Chatelaine’s I want to stitch. Up till last night I would have been a Medieval Town Mandala girl without a doubt… but as I already have some huge projects started*, I’m drawing back and rethinking my choice. I still really want to do the Egyptian Garden Mandala (I’ve got TW’s Egyptian Sampler on it’s way to me). I think this is Amelia Peabody’s fault (books by Elizabeth Peters). I might order the chart and kit and do that next year sometime.
I also love the theme of next years Sampler Mystery II which is “Peacocks” and has the sub-theme “the simple life” – now I’ve seen some finished Sampler Mystery I’s up close I’m kind of intrigued (It doesn’t hurt that the kits are much cheaper!) I also like the illuminated Medieval Sampler that starts next year. So you can see I’m in a bit of a pickle! I have plenty of time to think it out I suppose!

* Teresa Wenzler: The Storyteller, Millenium. Mirabilia: Rose of Sharon, Chatelaine: Strawberry Shaker box.