There seem to be quite a few people in addition to me who have read David Eddings series, The Belgariad, multiple times. So, this week, a few questions about these books.

  1. First, have you read this five-book series? If so, how many times? Yes, though I’m not proud to admit that one of my friends at University had to force me into the first one!! I think I read it just the once, hmmm… time to pick them up again, perhaps.
  2. What brings you back to read this story again? I think they were well written, built the suspense well and had interesting characters
  3. Who are your favorite characters? Why? I had a huge crush on Silk if I remember right. He was fun, cool and dangerous. When I play Dungeons and Dragons (just the computer games) I like to be a thief character because of him.
  4. If you could magically be a part of their saga, would you? Would you want to take the place of one of the characters, or be someone new? I wouldn’t mind being a character in the background – say an innkeepers daughter: I don’t like being in on the action generally. I’m a quiet retiring type!