Today’s questions brought to us by Nicki, who has come up with a ton of fun ideas, this being the first that struck me.

  1. Which 3 authors would you invite to a dinner party (they can be dead)? Terry Pratchett, Margaret Atwood and Elizabeth Peters
  2. Why? They are my all-time favourites!
  3. Would they get along? I’m not sure, they write pretty differently and yet they must have something in common or I probably wouldn’t enjoy them (logic is not my strong point!) Terry’s Discworld books are comic fantasy/fractured fairytale type books. Margaret does literature – my favourites being The Robber Bride and Cat’s Eye and Elizabeth does the wonderful Ameila Peabody stories that have a comic element but are interesting for the strong women characters and discussion of Egyptology. I think we’d have a nice evening together, but as I am an awful cook they’d have to bring a plate!