Have you seen the newest Chatelaine Design? Nicki has posted a picture of “Persian Iris Garden” and it is gorgeous!! I don’t know what to do with my list of to be stitched’s… it is getting longer by the day!

The dilemma is I really want to do the mystery sampler next year… love the theme and I love the colours and I really want to do the illumenated mediaval sampler and I really am intrigued by Mystery IX – French Garden.
I’m already signed up for the Grape Threadkeeper Book class. One thing I can say about the new Persian Garden is that it has at least stopped me wavering about joining Medieval Town Mandala – I like this much much more! (Of course there is still the Egyptian Garden… it’s siren’s call is still calling) I suppose I could get the charts and join the groups but leave the stitching till I can fit it in…

I’m just relieved that TW has taken her leave of absence from designing or the dilemma would be killing me! TWs that are on the to do list at present and I have the Charts for are: Egyptian Sampler, The Fortunate Traveller and Celestial Dragon.

And of course I love the new Mermaid design by Mirabilia! I think I need to quit my job to keep up (probably wouldn’t manage it anyway!)