Firstly WW news – another naughty gain! 200g – not a real biggy really but disappointing all the same…

And now – Stitching
I”ve spent today working on my Secret Halloween Exchange for the Stitching Blogger’s Exchange board. I am really happy with the first side of the piece I have chosen and stitched up – it is looking great and I hope will suit the stitcher I am working it for. I started the second side of the piece today and have most of it stitched up – but I am less happy with how it looks – I may end up scrapping it and starting again. The problem with the piece is that the design is kind of circular and I lost track of which way is up – so I’m not at all sure all the stitches are facing the same way. Also, in some cases I can see that I’ve managed to jag the thread of the fabric so the stitches are not sitting correctly either. It was almost done – it’s rotten being a perfectionist. On the other hand I was trying to come up with a way to insert our initials and the year on the piece and couldn’t chart it to fit in the space that was available (9 x 9 threads). So I might scrap using the other side and do a nice bit of over one on the back – I like doing a bit of over one.

I am acting boss at the library I work at for the next few months so my rostered day off changed to today. I went the the local shopping centre to meet my sister Lucy and her baby Niall – now 8 weeks old. We had lunch together and arranged the framing for the birth announcement I stitched just after he was born. I have yet to take a photo of it that I actually like. The lady at the framers came up with a pleasing combination of matt and frame and we are looking forward to seeing it when it is ready (next week). It was so good to see Lucy looking well and rested – Niall had been giving her some sleepless nights in the last few weeks.