Thanks everyone for your lovely comments on my eight corner pillow – I really appreciate them! Dad and Joel made a fuss over it – but it is not the same as having one’s stitching friends ooh and ah!

Dad arrived safely and it is lovely having him around the house – he’s sleeping in our lounge, so me and DH have to be extra quiet in the morning!
I finished another quadrant of my Strawberry Shaker box project on the weekend – I’m now half way through part one… I’m going to be working on this tonight.

I am enjoying work but it is tiring at the moment. Doesn’t look like I’ll get any leave now till the new year. In the new year I’ll have at least 3 months of long service to take plus my annual leave accrual which is already at 6 weeks and my Time in Leiu and Days in leiu (another 3 weeks). I’m really looking forward to being able to take a break.