In April I made the bold statement that I’d try and stitch an ornament for all my near and dear knowing that most of them didn’t know I even had a blog – now they know – and occasionally read it. If you click on the title of the post you can see my original ornament goals post. I love all these designs and will eventually get around to stitching them even if I don’t do it this year…

The progress is that I have actually done some of the stitching for these people in the last few months – I did the Patricia Ann Designs Star from that list and started Berry by Just Nan, but didn’t like the way it was turning out – I have stitched it before for my Mum so I knew it could look much better – one to restart I think.

I also stitched 2 Shepherds Bush Ornaments – In a stable and Wisemen Came. I have 5 ornaments in total to finish now – should get on with it (there are two Oh Christmas Tree by Suzann’s Designs (JCS Ornaments 1998) from last year’s stitching awaiting finishing too).

Edited to add: If you are a lazy “kitter” like myself – I find it really hard to get the charms and bits over here in Western Australia (edge of civilized world!!) you could try Village Mountain stitchery they kit up two ornaments a month from the JCS from the past year. I read about them on the Teresa Wenzler BB when everyone was talking about the cost of kitting up the Monsterbubbles ornie (and Yep, I ordered with them). This is where I ended up kitting my Shepherd’s bush ornaments too.