A couple questions from Kim and Nicki

  1. What are your five favorite books of all time? Why did they make the list?
    The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood – This was one of my first “adventurous” reads that I selected myself (purely based on the cover – which had a lovely painting on it)
    Interesting times by Terry Pratchett – my first TP book, very much enjoyed (Joel’s family had told me I would!)
    The Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams – classic comedy
    Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone – I still love to re-read this one.
    Absolution by murder by Peter Tremayne – Seventh Century Ireland with a hint of mystery and mayhem.
    It was very hard to narrow it down to five – most of my favourite reads are part of series and I find it difficult to zero in to just one book from a series.
  2. What’s the earliest book you can remember? Do your family read? Who encouraged you to read? My Parents were my biggest encouragement when it came to reading. The earliest book I can remember (I think) is The Bears who went to the seaside by Susanna Gretz or it might by Haunted house by Jan Pienkowski
  3. Reference books—do you have any? Why do you have the ones you do? Do you use them? I have lots of hard cover books on Cross Stitch and Embroidery, Gardening, Cooking (need their own bookcase) and topics I have found interesting enough to read and buy. I love lots of colour pictures! With the cooking books I use them all the time – at least once a week, the others not so often, but I do refer back to them.