Dad left to go back to Adelaide yesterday morning. To get him to the airport we had to get up at 4.45am. We spent yesterday returning the house to it’s “normal” state.

I think with all the cleaning and furniture moving and the fact we were up before the birds meant that me and DH were never meant to get much done yesterday. Today I’m doing our weekly wash – 6 loads (not counting the 3 from yesterday). There is just the two off us – where does it all come from?

After all that I managed to get a few hours stitching but there’s not a whole lot to show for it. I’ve been working on one of my Teresa Wenzler WIPs this weekend, Millenium. It’s a beautiful piece and everytime I pick it up I enjoy working on it. When Dad visited in July (birth of a grandson got him over here double quick) he watched me start this piece and was facinated with all the work that goes into just putting one stitch into this piece. Pulling the threads for the blends, theading the needle, checking the chart, finding the position on the fabric, making the first stitch (I’m now converted to the pinhead start) checking chart again etc. He said it looked like torture!

I cracked this week and joined the Chatelaine Quickie Needleroll group, Mystery Sampler Group and Hurricane Relief Group. I’m in deep! Now all I have to do is join Mystery IX, Persian Garden and Egyptian Garden and of course, kit up. I don’t think there is any chance I’ll be able to keep up at all. But I love the silks and beads she uses.

In exchange news I was going to work a small second piece for my Halloween exhange but have changed my mind, having Dad visit disrupted alot of my stitching time and knowing I have now a birthday exchange to get stitched and sent by the beginning of November, plus my Ornament to do has made me think twice. Maybe I’ll fit it in…